Preemptive Maintenance

You can avoid 70% of your network issues by fixing configurations on a regular basis.

What does "Preemptive Maintenance" mean FOR you?

For Operations Managers,

preemptive maintenance means you can deliver on your uptime goals with greater visibility, and support an ever-growing network despite resource challenges.
Bottom line: preemptive maintenance reduces your RCAs.

For Engineers,

preemptive maintenance means less phone calls from the NOC at 4AM and less stress.
Bottom-line: preemptive maintenance makes your life better.

Within less than an hour,
you can uncover issues lurking in your network. Try indeni now.

To do PREEMPTIVE MAINTENANCE, you need to know what to look for

indeni is pre-loaded with the world's knowledge about networks: what works, what doesn't, best practices, known issues, etc. The knowledge is compared against your network's configuration 24/7. If any issues are found, an alert is issued including exact steps for remediation.

The best part about it is that the knowledge keeps expanding with every new user. Crowd-sourcing network knowledge is the way of the future.

Keeping your Check Point firewalls running smoothly

indeni for Check Point allows you to conduct preemptive maintenance in your Check Point firewalls, ensuring that:

  • Cluster configurations are done correctly (matching routing tables, for example)
  • NTP, DNS, RADIUS and working smoothly (avoiding clock drift, centralizing authentication, etc.)
  • The firewall performance is optimal (tracking CPU, number of connections, dropped packets on ports, etc.)
  • Log flow is monitored and logs aren't lost
  • Speed, duplex, RX ring buffer and other interface settings are done correctly

In addition, indeni for Check Point will watch hundreds of other configurations and critical stats to identify when maintenance is required. In all cases, indeni provides the exact steps for conducting the maintenance and links to official Check Point materials, such as SK articles, where are appropriate.

Can ORION® deliver preemptive maintenance in 45-minutes?

No, they can't. That's because tools like SolarWinds NPM®, CA® Spectrum®, HP® NNM®, and others were designed to identify currently occurring issues - show you the status of your network at this very moment in an intuitive and graphical way.

indeni is designed from the ground up to provide preemptive alerting - let you know about issues before they happen. It's all about averting issues. indeni is capable of doing this with a 45-minute setup, no customization or long implementation projects required.

The good news is that indeni integrates with these systems easily, so you still get the 30,000 foot view they give you, with the intelligence and knowledge of indeni.


Using indeni is going to enable Fujitsu to both enhance our services to our customers, improve their experience with Fujitsu and enable us to execute on our growth plans. We are very pleased to have created this partnership allowing us to differentiate from our competitors.
— Fiona Boyd, Head of Security, Fujitsu UK and Ireland.
The details of the alert and the in-depth visibility we got from indeni went way beyond our expectations!
— Ryan Leonard, CIO, FXCM (NYSE: FXCM)
indeni is crucial for making sure both our retail and our online business are not affected by unstable network infrastructure.
— Steve Bourike, IT Global Operations, Travelex
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