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Predictive Analysis Technology Designed for Next Generation of Networks

Does your network monitoring tool proactively troubleshoot, provide 24/7  expertise coverage and alert you of device issues before they happen? 

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What is indeni? 

indeni is the only proactive monitoring tool on the market that can help predict network outages and business disruptions of your enterprise network before they become revenue loss, end user productivity issues and damage your brand reputation. 

How does indeni work? 


indeni uses a unique algorithmic approach to collectively monitor stats, configs and logs to correlate data and find hidden issues lurking in your network before they cause an outage. 

By crowd sourcing our findings, indeni constantly expands the rules and checks and continues to learn from other system issues to create a Dynamic Knowledge Base that can reduce remediation time by up to 50%.

in the time it takes you to eat lunch, you can uncover issues lurking in your
Check POINT's, CISCO's, F5'S aND PALO ALTO NETWORKS'. Try indeni now.

To do PREEMPTIVE MAINTENANCE, you need to know what to look for

indeni is pre-loaded with the world's knowledge about networks: what works, what doesn't, best practices, known issues, etc. The knowledge is compared against your network's configuration 24/7. If any issues are found, an alert is issued including exact steps for remediation.

The best part about it is that the knowledge keeps expanding with every new user. Crowd-sourcing network knowledge is the way of the future.

See indeni in action

One of the best ways to build a knowledge base is to use real world and current data. Each user of indeni contributes to their own success, as well as those of others, by utilizing indeni Insight. indeni sifts through 21.5 terabytes of data each day to further expand its knowledge base.

Is a certain software version more stable than others, or maybe more buggy? How do certain configuration issues impact users globally? What is the best hardware for a certain task? All that, and more, is collected by indeni and shared with all of our customers, globally! You can learn from your peers in the community by investing 45 minutes.

WHAT Devices does indeni cover?


Using indeni is going to enable Fujitsu to both enhance our services to our customers, improve their experience with Fujitsu and enable us to execute on our growth plans. We are very pleased to have created this partnership allowing us to differentiate from our competitors.
— Fiona Boyd, Head of Security, Fujitsu UK and Ireland.
The details of the alert and the in-depth visibility we got from indeni went way beyond our expectations!
— Ryan Leonard, CIO, FXCM (NYSE: FXCM)
indeni is crucial for making sure both our retail and our online business are not affected by unstable network infrastructure.
— Steve Bourike, IT Global Operations, Travelex


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